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Whether you are looking to start a new company or grow your current business, Facebook is a great tool to help you reach your goals. 1.56 billion people are active on Facebook every single day with an average user spending about one hour per day. Facebook also allows you to stay in touch with current customers and get direct feedback on their needs.

Integrating Facebook with your website is a great way to leverage the power of social media, keep your website active, engage with your customers and expand your social media presence.


  • Facebook Comments – Until your company gets well established it can be hard to get people to interact with your website. However many people interact on Facebook every day. Vivid Concept will link comments from posts on your Facebook business page to corresponding posts on your website. This will keep your website looking busy and interactive.
  • Facebook Feed– With the built in ease of posting on Facebook, some companies can completely forget about their own websites. Vivid Concept can add a Facebook feed of all your posts to your website, so your site stays ripe with content.
  • Like Button – Like button is another great tool to enhance your Facebook page and website. It allows a customer visiting your site to like your Facebook business page or like a Facebook post with one click and without having to leave your website. Likes are very important in the Facebook world. The more likes your Facebook business page has, the more credible it appears. Likes are also another free form of advertising on Facebook. When someone likes your page, it pops up on their friends’ news feeds. Therefore, that one like could advertise your business to hundreds or maybe thousands of new potential clients.
  • Facebook Share – Similarly to Facebook liking, Facebook sharing allows customers to share your content on their timelines, which goes into their friends’ news feeds and drastically increases the reach of your Facebook page.

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