WooCommerce was launched in 2011 and is now is the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, holding over 40% of all e-commerce market share. It’s incredibly robust and versatile, allowing customers to browse items, make multiple selections, and see item, shipping, and tax costs upfront. With close to 500 WordPress themes to choose from, WooCommerce likely has a perfect solution for any site.

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After your website is finalized and your products or services are listed, Vivid Concept will enable you to accept online payments through WooCommerce, which has partnered with Amazon, PayPal, and other payment processors. If none of their partner payment processors fit your needs, we are happy to customize your WooCommerce account to work with another payment processor. Payment processors offer 24/7, fast, and secure credit card processing transactions for customers and merchants.


Vivid Concept’s design and development team will make WooCommerce work with any WordPress theme. We can also customize WooCommerce, itself, to give your shopping cart the exact look and feel you want.


Vivid Concept will configure your shipping settings to fir your capabilities. We can set up multiple rates that are based on geographic zones, size of the packages, delivery times and the combination of all of the above. 


Our website development company will keep you up to date with how sales are going. We will show you how to understand WooCommerce reports to track sales, reviews, stock levels, and overall store performance from the WordPress backend, which will help you know what is going well and what may need to be improved.

Vivid Concept will take the time to train you on how your WooCommerce account works.

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Once we have incorporated WooCommerce into your site, it is also important that you, the merchant, know the basics of the front and back ends. We care about you success and believe being successful means knowing all aspects of your business. However if any questions do arise, Vivid Concept is always here to assist you with your WooCommerce shopping cart and any other website needs.

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