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Yelp is an excellent tool for both new and existing businesses. Over 26,000 reviews are posted on Yelp every minute, and the people posting those reviews could potentially be customers for you. Through reviews, Yelp allows you to get direct feedback from new and current customers about their needs and concerns.

We will help you make a Yelp listing or improve one you already have.

Having a presence on Yelp is key to staying competitive in any market nowadays and to successfully marketing what you have to offer.


We will begin by going through the process of getting your business verified by Yelp. Once that is done we can input all of your business vital information including phone numbers, descriptions, photos and business hours. The easier it is to find your business the more likely a customer is to come into your location.


Once we set up your Yelp page we can keep the page active by responding to reviews as the business owner. Customers like to see these types of interactions. Responding to reviews allows you to respond to a bad experience a customer had, or thank them for a stellar comment.

Yelp users are encouraged to post photos of the businesses they visit. However, if you do not like the photos or you have remodeled, we can help you post additional photos. Many customers expect your business to match the photos on Yelp and may react negatively if they don’t match their expectations.

We will also help you create Yelp deals and Yelp ads to target customers. Yelp deals are a great way to advertise. They reward existing customers by giving them special prices, and they let new customers try something new without having to pay full price. When new users try it and like it, they are likely to come back and pay full price.  Yelp ads are also a great way to target specific demographics of potential consumers. Our team will measure the visitor activity on your Yelp page to let you know how well the deals and ad campaigns are working.


We will integrate Yelp into your website. This can be done two ways. Our design team can add a button to your website that will link visitors directly to your Yelp page. We can also add a live feed of your Yelp reviews to your site. Both of these additions help substantiate the legitimacy of your business.

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