Blacklisting occurs when email providers block your emails from reaching the subscribers. This can happen for a number of reasons most of which our Los Angeles based team can fix. Email marketing will not work if your subscribers never get your emails. We have the resources and tools to get you off a blacklist and know the best practices for avoiding being blacklisted in the first place.

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Blacklists run by flagging and blocking IP addresses. Some IP addresses get flagged by no fault of you own. They can be flagged for technical mail-server configuration issues or by providers who do not allow users to receive email from certain countries. Other IP addresses get flagged for not honoring unsubscribe requests or for sending unsolicited emails. Vivid Concept has the knowledge to get you off a blacklist by fixing email configuration issues, reaching out to the email marketing providers, tightening your email’s security and changing your IP address.


Our experienced team will check your emails and configuration to make sure they will not be flagged.  We will also educate you on the best ways to avert being blacklisted, some of which include avoiding words typically found in spam messages, not to buying email lists and complying when people want to unsubscribe.

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