Mailchimp is one of the cheapest email marketing options out there, but it’s far from best. They have below average customer service and accounts have been known to get suspended without explanation. Should you decide to use Mailchimp, Vivid Concept, we will work with you on every aspect of your email campaign, including planning, designing the templates and writing copy. We will then analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns as measured by open rates, click rates and conversions.

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According to some estimates, a person receives an average of 70 emails per day. At this rate it’s important to design emails that capture the recipient’s attention and engage them as they read on. Below are some of the services Vivid Concept will help you with:

  • Mailchimp Design – Vivid Concept will create email templates that are optimized to get you the best results. They will make it easy to add photos, headings and textboxes that will look visually uniform whether opened on a phone, computer or tablet. We will also make sure your subject lines are enhanced for optimal inbox placement. Bad subject lines can send your email straight into the spam box.
  • Mailchimp Automation – Automating your emails is an effective strategy that not only saves time, but also creates a consistent send schedule that keeps your email campaigns on track. Vivid Concept will work with you to create a send schedule that is right for your business.
  • Mailchimp Analytics – Vivid Concept will compute the analytics of your email campaigns to see what works for your business. We assess how many people you are emailing, how many people are reading the emails, how many opened emails lead to visiting your site, how many people are forwarding your emails, how many people unsubscribed from your list after receiving certain emails and more. These numbers will help us gauge the most beneficial way to go about email marketing to your list of leads.
  • Mailchimp Blacklist Avoidance and Removal – Blacklisting occurs when email providers prevent your emails from reaching your subscribers. This can happen for a number of reasons, most of which can be resolved. Vivid Concept will design your campaigns in such a way that avoid the reasons your account might get blacklisted in the first place. Should that happen, we will work with Mailchimp to remove your account from being blacklisted.

Mailchimp is one of the hardest email marketing providers to get blacklisting resolved from. This is why we generally do not recommend it as the first choice.


We will customize Mailchimp for WordPress or any other type of website. Our development team can add a pop-up asking visitors for their email addresses, build custom forms for users to submit their email and other information for segmentation use, pull emails from forms used during purchase and much more. This will grow your email lead database with customers who have a proven interest in your business.

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