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WordPress is an intuitive easy-to-use platform that allows building cheaper websites based on templates instead of going custom.  It offers a lot of 3rd party code that offers many plug & play solutions that are ready “out of the box”. Unlike do-it-yourself platforms like Shopify and Wix, WordPress gives you complete control of your site and has an easy back-end interface that allows users to easily modify pages themselves.


We usually recommend WordPress websites to clients on a budget or those looking to eventually maintain their site without the help of a developer. We will teach you how to add your own posts and pages, perform updates and more. Should you run into any issues, our associates at Vivid Concept will be there to help. We can also manage and maintain the website on your behalf.

Vivid Concept will also install a few essential features to your WordPress site including:


We will add an e-commerce section to any WordPress site by setting up a shopping cart and integrating payment processors for credit cards and Paypal.

Click below to learn more about WooCommerce – the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress:

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Capturing a visitor’s email address is an important first step towards converting them into paying customers and regulars. We will help you set up pop-ups, as well as various calls to action for visitors to enter their email address. Once you start building your email list we will show you how to properly target your audience and schedule email campaigns in a way that uses best practices and avoids ending up in spam. We will then help you track and analyze those campaigns to find those that work best.


We will help incorporate social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and more into your WordPress site by adding buttons that link visitors directly to your social media pages. This allows users to share your posts and pages directly on their social media and lets your track and analyze social media activity related to your brand.

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We’ll ensure that your website is responsive and looks great no matter which device it’s being viewed on –  desktop, tablet or mobile.

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